Vive Guide is an even smarter investment considering COVID-19.

Vive Guide is a social curation platform for finding things to do. It’s social media for IRL brand experiences. Vive Guide connects digitally driven millennials and Gen-Z consumers to local or abroad businesses they'll enjoy based on interests, preferences, in-app behavior and those of like-minded users.

The experience economy may not be the industry you think of first during this public health pandemic. Let’s be frank - the industries within are suffering right now. I don’t need to go over the details. We’re all reading the same news.

Why would this be an exciting investment? The reason is simple. The travel, hospitality, and retail industries will recover and Vive Guide will be a driving force to facilitate its growth.

In my lifetime, I have felt a shift like this twice - The 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2008 Great Recession. However, since then, the generations with buying power have also shifted.

When the coronavirus started to impact the global economy, millennials didn’t hide away in their homes. They immediately started buying flights. The older GenZers celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at bars in droves. There was so much activity, the city of Chicago banned bars and restaurants from operating. While ignoring public health is a bad idea, it shows the urgency these generations have to travel and have new experiences at any cost. That is the very passion that will get these industries out of their slump.

As the world recovers, consumers might be hesitant to travel for a little while, but that spark to see and do new things will not be dimmed. Existing restaurants will be looking to reconnect with their regulars and even expand that business. Small business grants will appear for new retail and restaurants that will be looking for the newest and best platform connect to new customers.

During this time Vive Guide will not sit back. We will facilitate wanderlust by reminding consumers of experiences. Users will begin to create Guides, curated lists of their future plans, and then act on those plans when they’re able. Developing Vive Guide ensures consumers have all the inspiration and information they need to make buying decisions and businesses have the platform they need to spend marketing dollars to reach those customers.